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BraLoD said:

I know X is widely loved out there but I didn't like it quite as much.
The thing is, as you fear, not only is the game linear but it feels quite a chore to play it.
It's not actually bad but it's just too boring to play.
I didn't like most of the story, the blitzball game is a pain, and most of the chars are really uninteresting (some are great, tho).
I would say it's still worth playing but you won't really get that epic adventure you might be expecting.
X-2 in the other hand is a lot more fun to play, but that's it, it's not boring but it's even weaker storywise (X actually ends up in a high note storywise after the first horrible half) and as a game in a whole.
Again, still worth playing, but it's nothing close to what FF represents.
It's a good game, a bit too boring, but still a good game.

Edit: FF XII in the other hand is a masterpiece, get is asap.

Really, wasn't it excellent enough already, if you liked XV you'll are in for a threat with it.

Interesting comment.. what you just wrote is exactly what i fear i will feel while playing but i guess i just have to try it out and see for myself. What does FF represent the best in your opinion ? what are the best games ?

As for FFXII aghh don't do this to me xD .. masterpiece huh ? i do love how the game looks remastered on ps4 but again the world and design and characters just not my taste. Tell me one more thing how is the story of XII and the main character cause i heard it's mehh ?