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AbbathTheGrim said:
sub-zero-TM said:

So that's why they use volleyballs as weapons huh XDDDD .. jk

I like linear and open worlds equally and i have no doubt i will like the story but how's the gameplay,combat and exploration in your opinion ?? that's what i'm worried about the most.

Gameplay is very good. The battle system is turn-based, like real turn based, characters take turns and there is no ATB to fill to allow you to issue commands because there is a row with the faces of both foes and party members telling you who comes next.

You say you are into JRPGs and RPGs but are you into turn-based RPGs or more action oriented? If you like RPGs about selecting spells and selecting attacks and checking health and buff and that sort of thing I see no reason why you wouldn't like FFX.

Turn based RPG's or more action oriented ? Both of course for example i adored Persona 5.