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sub-zero-TM said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Well it makes sense that you don't see much technology in FFX because technology is taboo in FFX's storyline.

FFX has one of the best FF stories. It is indeed quite linear, but I doubt you will finish this game faster than any other FFs. The linearity may be deceiving without taking into account the side quests and the searches for hidden stuff you will be doing.

I recommend that you play it, it is one of my favorite FFs and I have played most of them.

If you like opened world games then FFXII may be more your thing, just prepare to be flipping coins for good loot because the best stuff in the game is behind a brutal percentage chance of enemy drop.

So that's why they use volleyballs as weapons huh XDDDD .. jk

I like linear and open worlds equally and i have no doubt i will like the story but how's the gameplay,combat and exploration in your opinion ?? that's what i'm worried about the most.

Gameplay is very good. The battle system is turn-based, like real turn based, characters take turns and there is no ATB to fill to allow you to issue commands because there is a row with the faces of both foes and party members telling you who comes next.

You say you are into JRPGs and RPGs but are you into turn-based RPGs or more action oriented? If you like RPGs about selecting spells and selecting attacks and checking health and buff and that sort of thing I see no reason why you wouldn't like FFX.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: