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So i'm a RPG/JRPG fan and a fan of some FF games i liked FFXV quite a bit and i freaking can't wait for FFVII remake ! Also i might pick up FFVIII remaster cause there are rumors around that it might get a physical release. I wanna get into more FF games and X remaster has been on my mind for quite some time now, i really wanna buy it but every time i look at some gameplay vids i get discouraged because i'm scared of how very linear the game looks (not that i have anything against linear games far from it) but somehow it just doesn't click with me being a FF game... i need more freedom in my JRPG.

Also X's world, character design isn't quite my taste i'm more into worlds or better i should say i'm a sucker for worlds like FFXV,FFVII and Xenoblade Chronicles you know fantasy mixed with crazy badass weapons and technology but over here in FFX there is literally a guy that attacks with a volleyball lol. It all just seems mehh to me so i want you to kick my ass down in the comments for saying all this and convince me to buy this game!


P.S. I'm also considering buying FFXII remaster one day but let's leave that topic for another time.