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KingofTrolls said:
vivster said:

The restrictiveness I meant was for the consumer, not the developer. Which was the whole point of my argument. A prettier game on a console is useless because it's on a console and as such robs me of all my freedoms I've come accustomed to. Of course developers are also massively restricted in both content and fidelity.

A pretty game on console that runs at 30fps is useless.

A pretty game on console that forces me to use a controller for a shooter is useless.

A pretty game on console that restricts me from upgrading my platform to achieve greater fidelity is useless.

And let's not forget that 99% of games on console look better on PC. The exclusive AAA games that use the hardware to its fullest extent make up only a tiny portion of the whole offering. I can live with "missing out" on 1% of games. There are a couple of games I would've loved to play or actually have tried to play but it's simply not fun playing with something that's utterly mutilated by its hardware and platform.

The reality is that everybody is targeting console market because them moneyz and all ur ultra rigs, without mods, would be generally useless. Everybody remembers the famous " it's PC only nobody cares"line.Well, Xbox allows M+K, also there are mid gen upgrades, so only this 30FPS point stands, but still, with latest Samsung Game Motion Plus mode, there will be a great help for it.

Basically this is the answer why there is no PC AAA exclusives besides niche genres and indies. There is no need.

What is a fun game for you is your thing, Sony's games are scoring GoTy and got universal praise for their graphics/tech.

Not sure what you're even arguing for. The PC market is quite healthy. Games don't exist because of consoles, consoles exist because of games. That's why PC or an equally open platform will always be popular as long as games exist. I named several reasons why people would prefer PC over consoles and the feeble attempts of consoles to close the technology gap won't change anything about it. Consoles will never deliver the same experience as PC because the platform holders don't want it to do that, which is why all of these attempts to deliver slightly more power and freedom are only half assed.

Maybe there is a problem if even the most critically acclaimed games cannot sway PC fans to play on console. Maybe it's because consoles can't even clear the lowest of lowest bar for choice in gaming. The restrictiveness of consoles is basically what fuels the PC market. And as long as console makers are assholes, PC will be healthy and alive.

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