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Snesboy said:
AbbathTheGrim said:

And you pumped me up to make me reupload one I did years ago:



Pretty fucking dope man. Great song choices too.

It's nice to see stuff that isn't edited like shit like a lot of AMV's I see on YouTube.

Personally, I over edit mine but I love it. Some stuff is just so badly timed and all of the other ones I saw using the LP song just sucked hard. It inspired to make one that was actually good.

Yes, I know what you mean. All these people put a track over some footage and pay no attention to lyrics and/or timing of composition with what is being shown. Sadly though, there's people out there who praise those "creations" and praise the makers for that halfassery, some people just don't have any standards.

I liked your video. It has been ages since I last heard that Linkin Park song.

I see you put attention to phrases like "Stop" (when the motorcycle is stopped) and "Shot from behind" when Cloud is being shot at, to coincide the video with the song. It is a very nice video.

I did the same with mine with phrases like "torch the day" (Sephiroth scene), "All illusions must be destroyed" (visions of Aerith, etc.), "This is the aftermath in me" Cloud and his sickness in a post-Meteor Midgar, etc.

I want to upgrade my video to BluRay because the quality is really shitty as you may have noticed with how blurry it looks, but it's a lot of work that I am not willing to put now. lol I made that video when the original Advent Children film leaked out of Japan before official US release all those years ago so I think the footage of my video is bellow DVD quality. lol Watching your video and the crisp image and quality made me realize how shitty the video quality of mine is. lol

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: