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only777 said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

Who's twisting words? It came straight out of his big ass denture infused mouth. This whole fake news narrative his base tries to push is nauseating at best 

Thing is, he didn't call Mexican immigrants rapists though.

He never mentioned Mexican immigrants.  He said Mexican illegal migrants.  Mexican immigrants are not the same thing as Mexican illegal migrants, despite how many people manage to confuse the two.

He said he welcomed Mexican immigrants, that's why he said about building a door in his wall to let people through so they could work at all the jobs he claimed he would create.

But why would someone try to cross illegally and not go through the course of filling out the paper work and getting a visa? 

That would be be people who know they have a criminal history and would be rejected.  That would be the drug dealers and people with sexual assault history.


I don't blame you for getting it all wrong.  there is a lot of mis-information around these days.

So someone trying to escape a country full of crime, violence, government corruption and doesnt want to wait years to do it should automatically labled a rapist? Especially by someone who's been on record bragging about sexual assualt. Hmmmm okay...