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Dark_Lord_2008 said:

A real man must be an aggressive, assertive, masculine strong man.

A man is judged harshly for making mistakes.

He should never complain about life being unfair because he will be labelled weak by society

He has a deep voice that sounds authoritative and intimidating.

A man can not express his feelings or be labelled weak by society.

A man's role in society is set as the strong knuckle dragger that fights to protect his home, family and his possessions.

Women's role in society is not clear cut, they are not judged as harshly if they make mistakes.

Women do not has much pressure place on them to succeed in life.

Women are passive and they have all the power in dating and relationships.

The standards for a real man are set high by society. Hollywood film/TV shows what is expected of a real man. A man must prove he is worthy to be labelled a real man by society.

I will get moderated for this...but wow...just wow...

Either a very try hard troll...or a very sad man-child. Either / or...but wow.