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KingofTrolls said:
vivster said:

AAA PC games of multiplatform games benefit from better resolution, higher performance and sometimes even additional high quality texture packs. Add to that the freedom and versatility of the platform, using the peripheral you want, mods and more there is really no need to "entice" people to buy a PC just because some games look slightly prettier. That's not even mentioning the proprietary graphics technologies that can be used in games, like proper RT, AA and additional physics.

Even the prettiest and well optimized game on console will be massively hurt by garbage performance and the extreme restrictiveness of the platform it's on. The latter two are the main reason to prefer to play games on PC.

To a degree I guess, because there are also crappy ports, powerwise,  for example XBX1 is holding on surprisingly good. Sony's AAA games are top notch graphically, despite the PS4 being old thrashy HW. The Last of Us Part 2 will be a new step in technology of gaming, everybody understand this.

Ray Tracing is supported just by a few games, so its not a factor so far. As always, new tech become a thing when consoles adhere to it.

Platfrom restrictivess? Steam is not any better for devs/customer than console manufacters ( this is a huge letdown if we compare how it was in the past ), we have things that are limited to only one producer, biased optimalisation than favors unfairly, mostly the more expensive GPUS and the list go on.

Star Citizen has a lot of trouble, perhaps next gens will arrive earlier.

The only good things that happens for PC as a gaming platform is the huge batch of console games, thanks to AMD unificiation, and MS is one of the biggest publisher on the market now. The rest is the silence.

I'm sorry, but what?.

Viv didn't specifically say "Steam only", but you did. PC isn't Steam only, it's more than just Steam, and even then Steam supports the modding community, which is something non existent on consoles. 

before Steam we didn't even have good bargain sales, or CD key sites offering really good deals, so your "back in my day it was objectively better" is just plain silly and untrue.

What "things that are limited to one producer"?. What does that even mean by "one producer"?.

"biased optimization"?. Last I checked, AMD and Nvidia released drivers for the cards they were selling, not ancient ass old cards that aren't on the market today.

Star Citizen is chugging along just fine, in case you haven't already checked, but I guess you haven't at all, going by your other baseless comments. 

wow, that last comment. Holy moly are you not trying to hide your very title namesake.

Could you be any more dishonest and brutally wrong/biased yourself?.

Yes, I'm going to call you out, because it's blatantly made in a response to put down the open platform, that has done and still does so much more for gaming, in regards to you trying to make your box of choice as being somehow "superior". 

I thought this kind of garbage would have stopped when Kero was gone, but no, it's still here, with someone else instead.