konnichiwa said:

It is not uncommon to have a studio with multiple projects they were working on this while also working on Hellblade. Obsidian also mentioned they are working on more projects.

Yes, but they have to work on the upcoming game they are due to release. I know that for an AA studio, they didn't have hudnreds of staff, to allow for two AAA games to be made at once, without hiring new bodies.

See, I'm on about the original core staff, not new bodies being added, because those new bodies didn't create what was good about Hellblade. I look at the renaming half of Westwood, that EA bought and I know the majority of that half are very likely gone or no longer there. Even then, that was half of Westwood, so half the greatness of a team that made a few good RTS games. 

You can name notable people that contribute to a game's strengths and positive qualities, which is why some of us feel bad when a studio member leaves to join another studio or leaves the industry altogether, because they were a part of what made X games so good.

I honestly could not begin to care for any bodies that get added to their studio, but if it's not the main studio members working on that SP game, we'll know when the time comes. There's an issue when you split up prominent team members, and in the games industry, losing a few good devs is easy to see.