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SammyGiireal said:
The PS4 and Xbox one were very similar...the PS4 being more power (has for the most part delivered even most recent games at 1080p while the base Xbox One has sunk as low as 864p in titles like RDR2)...from what I have seen both next gen consoles have a similar architecture...I assume the gap will be close one way or the other...I think Collin is a Sony guy so I can't really trust anything he says...wait until digital foundry has their final say.

The big thing happening next gen is Ray Tracing.
Microsoft has outright stated that Scarlett will have hardware accelerated Ray Tracing.
Sony has stated it's Playstation 5 console can do Ray Tracing but no mention on whether it is hardware accelerated.

PC variant of Navi doesn't have hardware accelerated Ray Tracing, but can still do it via brute force essentially... But then again, so could the base Xbox One.

If The Xbox 5 has hardware accelerated Ray Tracing and the Playstation 5 does not, then that is a significant advantage in the Xbox's favor... Irrespective of the similar base hardware architecture. (Zen+Navi+GDDR6+SSD)

Hmm an verified insider has already confirmed that PS5 will also have hardware ray-tracing.

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