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Barkley said:
Only exciting new games announced were... errr.... Watch Dogs Legion? Botw Sequel? The presentations were good, but there wasn't much new for me personally to be excited about.


To be fair, something like Astral Chain which was only just announced a few months back, being showcased well and given a release date in the relatively near future is much more appealing to me, as opposed to certain conferences of E3s past that would just be filled with announcements and CGI trailers to drum up hype, but not actually deliver any of the games for several years.
Even something like FF7R which was in limbo for a fair ammount of time, suddenly drops a trailer before E3, then gets a good showcase at Squeenix's conference with a solid release date less than a year away.

Overall, E3 was better than I though it'd be, but still lacking.