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In terms of units purchased, 50/50 is a solid enough estimate. In terms of $$$ spent, it's probably 80/20 in favor of physical. I buy new games I want on launch day physical when given the choice, and the choice is almost always there. There are exceptions, like EDF 5 on PS4, and EDF 2017 on Vita.....EDF! There are also the smaller budget, digital-only games from devs like Housemarque that I buy.

For digital, I tend to wait for sales more often, so much less has been spent on digital over the years. Like last summer when I got Darksiders: Warmastered on sale for 99 cents on PSN. I always lose track, but I also have approximately 350-370 digital games as part of my PS+ sub. Ha. That's it's own category though.

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