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As you all know, streaming is going to be tits!

But thus far we are still in the end of the physical era.

.... Partly because we can also just get them digitally, out of the last 50 games I bought 3 of those were physical:

CoD:ww2 and far cry 4 because they were less expensive and spider-man because it was a bundle.
Rest of the games was download only.
Now this might be because in 2010 i started with digital downloads with cataclysm because i could start playing the moment the actual servers went online. Instead of hoping the game would come earlier with the mail or actually going to a midnight launch and stand in a nerdline, no thank you.

anyway back to the number 3 out of the last 50 purchases means im currently 6% physical for the last year.
I feel like that means im ready

what about you?

 "I think people should define the word crap" - Kirby007

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