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It seems that unlike the other PS1 remasters released this generation, Final Fantasy VIII might actually be getting a physical release.  All three versions of the game have just been listed on Gamefly (no box art), which is a strong indication that we will be seeing a physical release for the game.

Usually Gamefly is pretty on point with this kind of stuff, as they obviously cannot rent out a game that is digital only.  Maybe given the fact that this remaster has been sought after for years and always seemed to turn up missing, SE saw fit to really push this release of the game.  However what does that mean for the price point, will it cost 30 or 40 USD?

So what is your take on this?  Is it safe to say that this most likely means a physical release?  Are you excited for Final Fantasy VIII?  Will you buy it physically if available?

And the big question...will you still buy the game if it costs 30 to 40 USD?

At this point, it is still speculation.  However I feel that in light of the possibilities that surround this topic, it is worth discussing overall.

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