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Majora's Mask was a direct sequel to Ocarina of time and it was not the same world.  Wind Waker was a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time as well that took place in the adult timine, and it took place on the great sea.  Spirit Tracks was a direct sequel to Phantom Hourglass, which was a direct sequel to Wind Waker, and those all took place in different areas as well.

This would actually be the second direct sequel in Legend of Zelda history (a link between worlds being the first) to do this, so that is a pretty clear indication as to why people would wonder if it would take place in Hyrule or a neighboring region/reality.

Wouldn't it be the third, actually? I mean, the Link in The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link are one and the same, after all. It's also the same world, just on a much larger map (You can find the area of the first game south of death mountain).

Yes and no.  Lore wise it is the same, as is the case with any version of Hyrule.  Gameplay wise however it was rebuilt from the ground up.

In this case it is implied that it will be more like Link Between Worlds, where it is a 1:1 match, but altered/expanded to fit the game's theme and keep things fresh.

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