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This one's weird for me. I loved it at the time; a day later, I felt disappointed; now that I've double checked what was in it, I feel it was a solid presentation.

• Great trailers for Ori, Tales of Arise (news to me), Legend of Wright, Elden Ring (screw leaks).
• Bleeding Edge is multiplayer only. MS needs more single-player games, dangit!

• "4 times the power" of Xbox One X for Scarlett sounds great.

• Keanu was adorable.

• Good showing for Battletoads. It needs more animation frames, though.
• Gears 5 had tacky musical choices for its least they spared no expense on the underground demo "hive". And the Terminator wielding a chainsaw bayonet was hilarious.
• The Lego Forza crossover was fantastic.
• The Halo trailer got to me, but I'm a bit worried the game is just nostalgia bait. I was hoping for gameplay, but they're saving it for next E3.

8/10 for me. Last year's was better.

Note: I can't figure out how to fix the line spacing :P