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Super Mario Maker 2

The Mario Maker 2 Direct got me hyped for this. They are adding so many new features that it looks like the Smash Ultimate of Mario Maker. 

Luigi's Mansion 3

I really liked all the different mechanics they showed off in today's Direct. I'm hoping this is a 2019 game, but it might get delayed. Still putting it on this list anyway. 

Pokemon Sword & Shield

 This looks much better after the Poke'mon Direct. The graphics aren't top notch, but they seem a little bit improved from the last time we saw this. Anyway who cares? It's Poke'mon. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses

I've been a huge fan of Intelligent systems ever since I discovered Advance Wars Dual Strike on the DS. Honestly, this one should have been a 2018 game, but oh well. It will still make Switch's 2019 crazy good. 

Daemon X Machina

Awesome Cel Shaded artstyle? Check. Insane Music? Check. Armored Core 3 vibes? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


A Martial Arts Action RPG with a radiant storyline, and freeform quests. I'm getting Jade Empire meets Horizon vibes from this one.

Doom Eternal

Bethesda may have messed up with Fallout 76, but this is a completely different group of people making the next Doom game. The fast paced combat from the first was great, so this should be fun too. 

The Outer Worlds

A Fallout game, only not. There's no buggy engine this time, and no dumbing down of the series. Just the fine people at Obsidian bringing us a flat out better Fallout game than Bethesda could ever hope for. 

Astral Chain

I still don't know much about this, but Platinum always makes good games. 

Link's Awakening

A cute little remake, with what looks like a Zelda Maker built into it somewhere. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't try charging a full $60 for this one. 

Death Stranding

A game where you deliver packages across a post-apocalyptic america, plagued with the ghosts of american soldiers, rain that causes you to age rapidly, and a whole bunch of other weird shit.

Trails of Cold Steel III

This will complete my collection of Falcom RPGs.

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 11 June 2019