RaptorChrist said:
Train wreck said:
Sony skipped E3 to allow third parties (especially Square Enix and FF7) to shine, simple as that.

Not trying to be sarcastic or condescending, but do you think that's the actual reason? To me it seems like maybe that would be a good reason to put out in a PR statement, but as a company, it doesn't make sense for them to decide to just let others have a turn just to be nice.

More likely, I think they probably have determined that not going to E3 is a more profitable move for the company, and they will use other channels to make up any potential loss of interest. But that doesn't read as nicely as a press release.

I think there are a whole host of reasons why Sony decided to skip E3 this year...but whatever negative press they would have saw was going to be quickly overshadowed by the likes of FF7R, like FF7 did 22 years ago with the original Playstation.