edit: good lord this video isn't even just regular reaching this is some advanced reaching lmao

Literally all of the points made in the video either didn't make any sense or are completely irrelevant and could be applied to anything, this is like saying Nintendo already won E3 months ago by having a Direct back in February and therefore dominated the conversation for a long time

edit 2: I can see the overall point they're trying to make here (AKA Sony basically announced all the stuff they most likely would have announced at E3, just this time ahead of E3 through other means such as State of Play so in a way it already had it) but no, that still changes nothing and the reasons they're trying to use to support it are either irrelevant, make no sense, or could at least be applied to anything.... it still is reaching a lot lol. It just reads like them trying to convince themselves this. 

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