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FloatingWaffles said:
I thought the trailer was really good honestly and it did a great job at, like you said, showing how it's returning to the classic Halo style.

Now they just need to show how it's gonna reinvigorate the series and make it fresh again, because I really think it needs the God of War treatment in the sense that Halo is a series that has been around for so long and was groundbreaking before but, and especially after Halo 5, it's gotten to a point where it needs a re-definement so it can stay fresh for current fans and be a good introductory to the series for new fans. They've said that it will be a fresh starting point with it being a "spiritual reboot" so that gives me hope.

Otherwise if it comes out and it's just another familiar Halo game, then i'm sure it will be great still but that would mainly sell for people who are already into Halo instead of getting more people into it.

I think no halo was like the first one and i really hope that they focuse on the style and the ideas of the first game with new technique and the movement sytem from halo 5.

an open wolrd would be nice with a coop system up to 4 players and please no lootboxes nobody wants  or like lootboxes and wtf. why i had to collect cards in halo 5 is it shitty pokemon or what and im not 12 so please no lootboxes get a few skins which you want to sell that should be enough there  are enough idiots out there

Last edited by Jigsawx1 - on 11 June 2019