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NightlyPoe said:
Soundwave said:

This version of the Raptors would easily beat the James Cavs from last year. 

Oh, yeah.  Definitely.  I'd put these guys above any of the Cavs teams even before Kyrie took off.  Even when things were going well and everyone was healthy, those Cavs teams still felt like half the team was cobbled together with cardboard, duck tape, and string.  I loved the Gasol move as a "win now" trade.

Matter of fact, these guys would match up well with those Heat teams a few years back.

If I were advising Kawhi, I'd suggest signing a one-year deal and just ending all speculation by saying he's there for one more year and then he has to go right off the bat.  Everyone important accept Danny Green is still under contract, so they'll be viable next year as well.  After that, the Raptors will have to make some choices.

Let's not get carried away.  Let's not forget these Raptors nearly missed the finals because they kept forgetting how to play basketball in the second half of games. They do have deeper talent though.   I think the 2016 Cavs would beat them, if hard fought.  The 2017 Cavs would take them a lot more comfortably.  2015 was the growing pains year, that would have been a lot rougher.  The best Heat teams would definitely beat them.  Even if they put up a valiant effort.  They're better than people want to admit, but let's not forget the Warriors here, while still unquestionably very dangerous, are also very much hobbled by their injury woes.