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Hiku said:
HollyGamer said:

the company confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake, or at least the first portion of the game that we will be getting early next year, will ship on two Blu-ray discs when it arrives.

And the 57'th reason why people shouldn't have ran with that misstranslation calling it 'Episodic'.
All it did was cause unnecessary confusion, and making people question the length of the game.

First game is seemingly 2 Blu-ray discs.

Anyway, there's a lot to unpack with these two new videos. The freeze time ATB system will surely make a lot of people happy.
Tifa looks awesome in combat. And the whole segment against the Scorpion robot boss was amazing. Looks like that fight alone incenitivized more strategy than the entire original game did, for those who are worried about that. I'll analyze that fight more in depth later.

But for I just want to appreciate Cloud and Jesse on a bike together.

Square already won E3.

Indeed people easily jump into conclusion, but that also part of SE fault from their early games that used to be milked hard and an unfinished FFXV. FF & alone already big and content around 4 disk , imagine open world, area like FF XV into FF 7

For battle system is a wise choice, i knew there will be a hybrid sistem like Fallout and FF XV time stop to make the games more strategical.