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I'm a black guy and former cop. This guy was wrong and deserved to be sentenced. That lady should still be alive. The problem is that so many others should be guilty, too.

I'm not the judge/jury but based on personal experience, not everyone is cut out for "the job". Yeah, we were trained to survive, yell "stop resisting", and to say "I feared for my life" but there are intangibles that a lot of these cops just don't seem to have. Balls, if you will. Lethal force should be the last resort after you tried talking and even fighting if it comes to it. Sometimes all you can do is react but use the gun LAST.

And another part of the problem is US. As black people (and maybe white, I don't know. Can't speak for them.) it's like we HAVE to be confrontational. We have to show that we're not bitches. We have to be there hardest. Other races are paying attention. They're scared of us. Somebody else could be paying the price for something another person did.

There was a viral video a month or two ago from my area where two guys were fighting.. One guy was knocked to the ground and the other guy proceeded to stomp on his head and neck with the full weight of his body. Nobody helped the man who was stomped. Nobody called 911. Everyone just walked away as one guy said "Y'all know how it is. When a bunch of gorillas get together in the jungle, it's gonna be trouble."

That kind of brutality is common. I remember seeing stuff like that first hand, even as a kid. We can ask other races to show us sympathy but damn. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Everyone is watching, now. 

Twitter: @d21lewis