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Dark_Lord_2008 said:

If this was a white cop, he would walk free and celebrated as having done his job and shot them before he got shot. This is a travesty of justice and my heart goes out to Noor and his family and he should walk free now. America we have a Civil rights issue here. African Americans you must stand up and make noise over these type of issues it is wrong and is blatant racism. 

With all due respect, other people getting off more leniently than they should is hardly an argument for why someone else should go free.

As far as I understand the case, Noor shot a figure based entirely on the fact that the figure surprised him. There was no weapon on the victim, nor did he claim the victim posed or even appeared to be posing a threat to his life. It's difficult to argue that he should walk free, imo.

There's certainly a reasonable discussion to be had about whether there's a double standard for police crimes in the country, but I don't think the answer is "let everyone walk free because some people do."