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John2290 said:
I like PlayStations approach of having a main account with 5 other sub accounts, it's enough of an inconvenience to hold people bqck from abusing it but it is enough freedom to share games across accounts. It's was incredibly useful years ago while travelling but as I don't do much of that anymore I'm not sure if it has changed or is unrestricted as it used to be. I've been able to buy games for family over the years while having my card safe ony account and I've noticed that, since I got a pro, I can set up my main account on my old playstation in the living room letting others play whatever is on my account there while I still have access on my PRO as long as I don't log out if the internet goes down and even if it does you'll get an "account is not authorised" message every 15 minutes which essentially means nothing until the internet reconnects. Basically everything on playstation (since the external HDD) update It's a nice melding of the freedom of the ps3 but closed enough for safety and abuse avaiding but with the added benifet that we will actually get digital cross over on ps5 now unlike the mess they made of that jump from ps3 to ps4.

Been a while since anyone besides me has tried to play my games but here's how I remember it working:

I have 4 (formerly five) XBO consoles and anyone can play any of my games on any one of them as long as I'm logged in. On the "main" xboX, anyone can play anything at any time with no restrictions. I can only be logged in on one device at a time, though.

I have two PS4s, too. One original and over Pro. Gonna have to play around with it. Nobody really logs into it but me these days--and even I haven't played it since Astrobot several months ago. I know I couldn't play my own games without internet access on the secondary (without internet), though. 

From memory, both xboX and PlayStation handle it about the same. I'll need to find this "sub account" option you mentioned. 

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