Runa216 said:
Wyrdness said:
BOTW trending heavily on twitter and the reason is because people are listing their top 3 Zelda games and it's popping up on almost everyone's list.

My 3 favourites are:

1 - A Link to the Past (love the game but mostly just #1 for nostalgia)
2 - Breath of the Wild (Objectively the best one in virtually every way)
3 - Wind Waker (Best music, story, and characters, second best art direction)

beyond those three it gets kind of muddled. II and Skyward Sword are at the bottom (not counting the CDi games), Ocarina of Time is simply okay, most of the handheld games are good but not great. 

I'm sure that's the case for most people where they have a clear top 3 and everything below that is subject to change about.