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"Over the weekend, IGN ran a poll to see which next generation console readers would like to see the most, out of four options – Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Google.

The poll ran for three full days: Friday at noon through Monday at noon, and received over 40,000 votes.

The winner was Sony, taking over half of the votes at 52.8%, Microsoft coming in second place at 28.5%, Nintendo in third at 14.2%, and Google with only a sliver of the votes at 4.4%."

So my thought this how why PS4 so popular and big around the world, and also IGN readers is so diversivise and consist of multicultural, multiethnic, and multiple country user/reader. Seeing PS brand as leading brand on world wide level is just another prove how well PS brand really popular across the globe.

Of course next gen is uncertain and many thing can happen, will Sony can keep their hype train for two generation and so on, or will Xbox steal their market share and gain more people trust ? or probably Google will surprise us or Nintendo is preparing something behind the scene.