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pitzy272 said:
d21lewis said:
MS definitely has some cool IPs that I'd like to see return (Conker is at the top of my list) but I've learned not to get too excited about announcements. Sometimes they turn out great. Sometimes they end up sucking. Some times they don't ever get released.

I'm still hyped for Gears 5, though. I've been replaying Gears 3 and I'm hoping for a return to form.

Inyour opinion, was Gears 4 good? I played the original trilogy and was really underwhelmed. In fairness, I played them toward the end of the 360 gen. But I played the first 1-2h of Gears 4 and was bored to the point that I felt it wasn’t worth it to play longer. I have heard some good things about it, though. 

I really didn't enjoy Gears 4. I kinda had to force myself to finish it and after the 4K update, I kept intending to replay it but never did. I didn't think the world building was very good, the characters were generic and the pacing was pretty bad.

I thoroughly enjoy 1-3 and relay them annually. I like the characters and (surprisingly) the story. 

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