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John2290 said:
BraLoD said:

Why does it not hold much weight to you being from the Yakuza team?

Sure Sega is no Sony and Yakuza is no Horizon Zero Dawn, but Yakuza 6 on the PS4 looks pretty good. The guys definitely have some talent on developing nice graphics, even if to the low middle degree of AAA.

Or is it something personal against the team members you particularly don't like much?

It's nothing personal, their graphics just aren't anywhere near top tier on PS4 and their map design is two generations old and tired... *reply loading*... and they don't seem to squeeze as much juice, not even close actually, as is in the juice carton. 

Well, Yakuza Zero and Kiwami were PS3 games in Japan, that's why the graphics aren't mindblowing. 6 and Kiwami 2 though were made with the PS4 in mind and look absolutely stunning.

Have a wee look at Hiroshima and Sotenbori. Shit's amazing!