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Ryuu96 said:
chakkra said:

Wait, but wasn't their last game released in 2017? Why would they have started developing the new one just recently?  And didn´t all Motorsports games have a two years gap between them?  I mean, I know it has been said that there wouldnt be any Forza for this year but still, that means that next year they will already be one year late on their usual schedule.

Apparently so, after Forza Motorsport 7 they spent time overhauling/updating their engine and supporting FM7, they're taking a similar approach to Sea of Thieves where they involve the community in the development process and only recently have started developing it. It makes me question if FM8 will even make 2020 or get replaced by FH5 or another spinoff.

Ok, fair enough.  Thanks for clarifying that for me.