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twintail said:
taus90 said:
Instead of buying new studios I would prefer if Sony should Re-open their old Studios,
Zipper (experts in Multiplayer games)
Evolution Studios ( arcade racer) Considering how slow PD are
Build New Studios with likes of Amy Hening, David Jeffe in leads.

Also Building more teams inside exisiting studio will be more efficient

I don't see the viability of opening studios that were losing money for years, and without the original teams (which will be practically impossible to get).

I also don't think either Henning or Jaffe are worth it at this point for Sony. If Henning could actually get her management skills tightened up then sure Sony is the best fit for her. But after the UC4 debacle I'm not sure so sure.

Definitely expansion is the way to go for Sony and clearly their modus operandi going forward. That said, a studio like Bluepoint is, nonetheless, quite a good fetch for them if they try to pursue them.

In the same breath so was Cory Barlog, It was Shanon Studstill at SSM studio who brought him back and the result is in front of us. and its not directors job to keep the team together or choose the team, its head of the studio's job. 

Cant back jaffe much after Drawn to Death, but Amy is know across the industry for writing great stories and characters, and not to mention she would be vital in that new studio which has been rumored that sony purposefully built to deliver future uncharted games. Nobody understand uncharted better than her.