Dulfite said:
Random_Matt said:

You are fine until 2020. No idea what your expectations are, certainly not suffcient for 1440p @144Hz.

I mean, everything I touch that is brand new looks fantastic on my computer right now. And my tolerance for games not looking amazing is pretty high, as a Nintendo guy. Prior to oh about 2 years ago I was running a GTX 470 on newer games back then and was fine with the way they looked, though I wasn't particularly happy with the framerate lol. I think the Arkham games were the thing that finally pushed me over the edge of "yeah I need to upgrade." Remembering what Arkham Knight was like on PC before they patched it still amazes me. What a hot mess that was lol.

As I said, depends what your needs are, most people still use 1080p/60fps. I'm waiting for a 2070 TI, may come out. If not, I'll wait till next summer for the 30** cards.