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Trumpstyle said:

Both console will almost certainly be below 10 Teraflops, based on the gonzalo codenamn showing PS5 having a 1,8ghz navi gpu it will likely just have 32CU's with 2-4 disabled CU's giving 6,4-6,9TF. Xbox anaconda will probably have 40CU's but 4 disable for yield improvements so 36CU's clocked at 1,9ghz is my guess and will result in a 8,7TF gpu.

Please stop posting more nonsense every 10 minutes.

The PS4Pro already has 36CUs. There is no way a next gen chip has fewer CUs.

Also your 1.8Ghz clock is way too high for consoles, unless we get monster cooling solutions. There has been an image of a navi board floating around for a few weeks now, it has two 8-pin connectors. That alone tells you all about the problems AMD STILL has with power consumption, even at 7nm.

Navi draws a lot of power that we can agree on, there was several rumors about the navi card having 40CU's with geforce 2070 performance and those looks spot on so I'm not posting nonsense.

On the PS5 you're correct, I made the mistake assuming the PS5 would launch at $400, it will likely launch at $500 with this gpu amd demonstrated. Even with the bad news Navi pulling more power than I expected my PS5 prediction remains the same except for the higher price point and it will have 16GB of Vram instead of 12GB, we simply don't agree on clock speed. Ofc Xbox anaconda will receive a downgrade, the spec and price should be very similiar to PS5.

shikamaru317 said:
Trumpstyle said:

Sony doesn't pay retail prices, they pay wafer costs + margins to AMD, now we know why the gonzalo codename said it was a navi 10 lite. Amd and Sony has probably done some customizations to Navi 10 to reduce the die size, they need to get it down to about 200-210mm2 to fit 8core zen2 cpu in a 350mm2 apu/soc.

Not sure what rumors you talking about, I'm assuming adoredtv, they were fake dude. He got tricked, stuff like that can happen.

About gpu prices for PC, I expect them to come down big when Nvidia launches their 7nm gpu lineup.

I know they don't pay retail, but a $400 at retail GPU in PS5 still seems highly unlikely to me when PS4's GPU was much cheaper than that.

I think I saw that $280-320 pricing rumor for the highest end Navi chipset on Anandtech or another big site, but I could be wrong. 

The gpu in PS4 was a cut-down radeon 7870 card, that card launched at $350 in march 2012. I think the PS5 price will be $500 with this gpu amd showed at computex. We not sure what the gpu will cost, but probably between $400-$500.

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