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John2290 said:
DonFerrari said:

Understood, and I certainly can't comment on how it plays or my score since I don't have the VR game yet =p

But seems like a good implementation.

Lad, put PsVR on your tech priority list. It is so damn good with so many games and the games are cheap so it pays off eventually. Holoday season should have some good deals and bundles, I'd reckon 200 base with free game/sand 250 bundled with moves plus free game/s. Even 50 more than that and it's worth every penny. Plus the community is the best in all of gaming, for now at least. I can name at least teo dozen must plays and half of them are under 10 quid in flash sales which if you buy in november you'll get at least three flash sales before January ends. 

I have PSVR. I don't have the game.

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