Okey guys I have gone quickly over the numbers to figure out the next-gen gpu performance, it landed precisely what I wrote few days ago. AMD demonstrated a 5700 gpu a cut-down navi 10 gpu, it's performance was 10% faster than geforce 2070 in strange bigarde. This is a amd favor title, favors AMD by 18% in 1440p. So on average the radeon 5700 will be about 8% slower than geforce 2070. We know almost for certain SONY will be using a Navi 10 cut-down version but probably slightly below the radeon 5700 gpu in performance.

So as we all expected, PS5 will be 40CU's but 4CU's disable for yield improvement clocked at 1,8ghz giving 8,3 Teraflops, we can now figure out though that the performance for PS5 should similiar to vega 56.

The xbox anaconda (premium xbox console), it will have 44CU's but 4 disable for yield improvement clocked at 1,75ghz giving 8,9TF same performance as vega 56.

It's looking like the next-gen consoles will be complete monsters. Very high gpu performance, each will have 1TB ultra-fast SSD storage, 8-core zen2 cpu clocked 3,2ghz. Memory will be 16GB Vram with 448 GB/s memory bandwidth for both consoles.

Xbox lockhart the cheap xbox will be 4TF gpu with 12GB Vram with no Disc, will also have 8core zen2 cpu and 1TB ultra fast SSD storage.

Edit: Based on new information I think the PS5 will be at vega 56 performance, the premium xbox slightly below geforce 2070 and I believe amd showcased the full navi card (not cut-down) and it will be priced at $400.

Edit2: Changed the spec based on Navi pulling more power than expected.

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