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Alby_da_Wolf said:
NS still first, but its weekly lead on PS4 dropped to just 5k. Its domination in Japan is still overwhelming, though.

I am still having doubt with the current domination of the PS4 in Europe. We had recently some Spanish hardware numbers which shows that Switch was dominating. I believe this is today the case in France (3rd favorite country for Nintendo), so it seems weird to me that PS4 still maintain this distance thanks to...Germany and ?..

a month ago in Budapest I have seen a sightseeing car, which was entirely covered with a SMBU advert. For the first time in 2019, I see in Szombathely (10th biggest town in Hungary where I live), Nintendo Switch bundle available the whole year, in 2017 and 2018 I could only see the console available in shops during December.

Ofcourse here SONY and Microsoft still dominate completly but something is happening with Nintendo. They are so low that multiplying by 2-3 their sales should be easy.

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