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Mnementh said:
Flilix said:

I don't think any parties here support direct democracy. Either way, I'm very strongly opposed to it. Aside from a few simple subjects, people aren't capable of deciding what's good for them, since most issues are way too complicated. For instance, a poll was held here recently, that showed that most people want to retire earlier. But no one wants to pay for it.

Well, but the alternative is currently representative democracy. You are saying that these politicians are understanding these issues better. With all I see from politicians I cannot agree. And in Switzerland and the US direct democracy is working well enough.

Both the swiss and the german system are working well, I don't know which one is better, both have their pros and cons. I think if you want to have more direct democracy (after all we do have referendums but only on state level) you have to go the full way and implement a swiss like system or else you will run into things like the brexit referendum.