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deskpro2k3 said:
Chazore said:
The Machinist is dead, or WoW is dead?.

I mean WoW is dead. FFXIV is picking up a lot of WoW refugees. lol

Is it?.

From what I've been watching over on WoW's side, it looks like the expac's already getting more content, that'd make it chock full of more content, enough to make it into another expac. I don't expect WoW to suddenly die or eventually even die to FFXIV. The MMO has outlived so many other MMO's for years, I don't expect a Japanese one to suddenly claim the throne. 

Also I've been unsubbed from both for months now. Been playing ESO here and there. probably going to pick up it's expac within the next month (if time allows me for it).