Dulfite said:
haxxiy said:

Or they just wait 20 months. Non-democracies can afford to play the long game.

I considered including that option in my post, but for some reason decided not to do so. You are right, they could just wait until a more pro-globality candidate wins office (in a year or 5 years) like Hillary Clinton, and Biden is certainly in that mold (and also by far the most likely Democratic nominee).

As a side note, China is the main exporter to most Asian countries, most of which are quickly joining the global middle class. In absolute terms, India alone adds more GDP per year than North America and the European Union combined. Demographically, they are some two decades behind South Korea and Taiwan, so I don't think they're that much in a hurry as you believe. They'll be fine.

Not that I agree with this whole global trade business, mind you. To buy and sell locally is much better to the environment. But we're going way off topic here.