Ka-pi96 said:
sethnintendo said:
So how can english speaker understand symbols that mean multiple words or phrases seems complicated. I have a Vietnamese girlfriend and her language just sounds like bells and whistles. I can barely understand spanish and i dont think my brain has capacity to understand any Asian language

It's not that hard and can usually be picked up from context.

I'm pretty sure Vietnamese uses the latin alphabet though, so no strange symbolds there for you

Plus any language that you don't speak would probably sound like gibberish. Once you start to learn it though it just sounds normal.

Yea some Vietnamese at work explained to me that a Catholic priest or whatever asked them why they spoke Vietnamese but wrote in Chinese.  So I believe thats what led to formation of Vietnamese in written language because before then they wrote in Chinese.  I don't think I can speak like them because they do weird stuff with their larynx like not grunt sounds but they dig deep for some of their words.  Plus seems like you have to say a lot of words but in english what they are communicating is very short.  I like to be short and direct.