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I've played a bit of the game during each expansion, but I've never been an end-game content guy. Not that it's not the sort of guy that I am, but moreso that by the time I reach level cap, I'm burnt out and ready to play something else.

During 1.0 I got level 20 or so.
During 2.0 I managed to hit 50 fairly early on with both Arcanist and Marauder, and by extension, Summoner, Warrior, and Scholar. At the start of Heavensward is when I started playing again, but I wanted to finish all 2.0 dungeons and raids first, and so I did (except for everything beyond the first couple of coils of Bahamut).
During 3.0 I maxed out all the 2.0 monster factions (can't remember the proper name).
During 4.0 I played on two separate occasions, but I'm still not level cap. I'm actually much closer to the level cap of 3.0 than I should be given how far along the MSQ I've progressed. Actually my Fisher class *is* at 70, but I suppose that doesn't count. And haven't even started Stormblood content yet.

Overall, love this game.

Oh... beast tribes...