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LurkerJ said:

Many similar moments throughout the season, off the top of my head:

  • "If you want a queen, earn her", seconds later Euron nails her.
  • Yara Grejoy rightfully protesting Jon's treason, seconds later, Yara Grejoy "aye"ing Bran as king. Everyone behaving 

Anyone can say or do anything just to make the plot move forward. Euron Greyjoy is invincible until they had to nerf him. Dragons were an easy target until they needed to overpower them. Mistakes had no consequences until they wanted a certain character to die. The previous season was just as bad but few were willing to criticize it.  

It was the season when every individual story converged, so just watching it happen and seeing all the 1st time/long awaited character interactions was enough for a lot of people.  Once season 8 came, that novelty ran out and all that was left was bad writing.