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S.Peelman said:
N64 games aged just fine, the big ones at least. There’s still plenty of occasions in new games when I think “why was this (things like camera or especially movement) done better 23 years ago (23?! d*mn) in Super Mario 64?” Next to a lot of N64 games you can name pretty much any Dreamcast game, especially showcases like SoulCalibur. Another game I want to mention is Blast Corps, sure it’s control was complicated but there hasn’t been a game like it, it’s timeless.

Yea most DC games are still nice looking.  Mainly replying to you because I recently ordered Blast Corps from Amazon.  Paid a little more than bottom used price because I ordered the first one that had decent cart and pics to show label in nice shape.  Can't wait to play it again.  Been awhile.  Speaking of controls recently tried Goldeneye N64 and was wondering how I was so good at controls back in day.  Just feels awkward to me now.