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dx11332sega said:
JRPGfan said:

Useing the cloud for part of a game, like destruction is silly and a waste imo.

It just needs to be good enough to run games via streaming and thats it.
Crackdown 3 usage is borderline shamefull. Destruction wasnt even that impressive in the end.

If they start doing such for single player games, it ll be viewed as DRM and consumers probably wont be happy.
If it serves any purpose for multiplayer, is yet to be determined.
In crackdown 3 theres huge slow downs and lag, if things get hectic ingame (multiplayer modes).

Honestly with how powerfull the PS5/XB2 is looking to be..... do you even need to do this via the cloud?

I'd give it to a better dev see how it turns out ?

We don't know if PS5 can do this without cloud? Though , I thought it was possible Sony first party to emulate a better version of red faction from Ps3 to one of there games on ps4 it hasn't happened . Though , Sumo digital is no naughty dog? but who knows maybe naughty dog might end up just as bad if they did destructible environments ??

8-core Ryzen is infinitely more capable than an 8-core Jaguar... Destruction and simulation quality effects like Physics should be a big focus next gen.

Less of a need for the cloud to assist in those tasks next gen than this gen because of that.

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