John2290 said:
Scoobes said:

You get that this is George's ending, right?

The way they got there has deviated, but this is the ending as GRRM explained it to D&D before even the first season.

Why do I keep having to repeat. The story beats for the most part were good, some great but they fucked the execution and ruined the characters for me in my mind. I hate Arya now, see Jon as a weak fool and Tyrion as a dumb shit because they had so little development, just skipping from beat to beat like robots. About 70 percent of the beats were good aside from the ending paths which I don't believe George will follow. Danys madness would have been AMAZING Had it been done right so would Jon killing her if the romance wasn't fumbled, Arya killing the night king all that shit but they scene cutting, jumping around and time skipping with no hints to it, so much happening off screen and so on plus the cringey ass dialouge toward the end. It could have been sooo good. All the dead ends like Azor ahai and the lord of light for one example. 

However no, George will not be following this because the books can't develop this way from the way it diverged in ADWD and everything that was cut in the show. Not exactly anyway, there will for sure be a large divergence and on what does hit the same notes will get there through fairly different paths. I can't imagine him giving the main character such little development either. 

The whole battle against the night king made no sense either though. the world's best minds and seasoned warriors got together and couldn't come up with a better strategy other then let us just charge in the dark with their swords on fire?

Even this has a better strategy and apparently it is meant to be comedy lol.