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You can see here what games are coming for the Genesis Mini. So far they've revealed 30 games, and have 10 left to show. I can't think of much of anything that's missing from the library. All previous mini-consoles were missing pretty big games. SNES Mini was missing Final Fantasy II, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country 2-3, Kirby's Dreamland 3, Mystical Ninja, Terranigma, and a few more. Sega on the other hand is giving us 40 games, not a mere 21 like the SNES Mini. Obviously Sonic 1-4 will be there. Since Shining Force is there, Shining Force II must be one of the unannounced games. This console is packed with a crapton of games that cost $40 or more in the wild. 

The best Castlevania up until SotN came out. This game is pretty rare in the wild. I've had my mint copy for years and only seen one or two others, in 15 years of shopping around multiple cities for games. Even a cart-only copy is hard to come by. 

Treasure's classic random shoot em up. Best as a two player game. Being able to toss enemies was fun as hell. 

A solid Shoot'em up. This is another hard to come by game. Genesis Shoot'em ups were amazing, because of the faster processor. 

The best Contra game ever made! The name comes from the game being brutally difficult. 

It doesn't really matter whether or not we get Phantasy Star I-III, because this is the best one. The others have aged poorly. 

One of the few I don't own. I'm playing through the current Monster Boy game, and I gotta say, I'm excited to try this one out. 

All of the Disney games on SNES/Genesis were good. This is the best one though. We're getting both this, and the sequel, which I've never seen in the wild. 

Sega's Answer to Zelda. A hidden Gem for sure. 

The only two games, I can see missing from the Genesis Mini are Dynamite Headdy, and Ristar. 

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 19 May 2019