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Ganoncrotch said:
Darwinianevolution said:
I'm torned up on Nintendo's position with 3rd parties. The Switch has definitively proved itself as a magnific software seller, and even those companies in doubt show very decent numbers. and yet, many companies barely bring anything other than old ports or small projects. EA barely ported anything but FIFAs and a couple of indies, Activision brought the Crash games and Diablo III, Atlus has brought nothing concrete as of yet (though Sega has done quite a lot), Capcom has been its usual Capcom...

They're doing a lot of ports but to be fair to them, all the ports we've seen so far have been really solid, the Street fighter anniversary collection, Okami HD, Resi Evil Rev 1+2 (7 in japan) in the coming 2 weeks they're bringing over RE, RE:0 and Resident Evil 4, later this year they're bringing the first Devil May Cry game to any nintendo hardware as far as I know.... oh and the HD remaster of Onimusha.

I shit on capcom a lot for some of their ideas (that laughable €200+ mame fightstick capcom logo advert) but their Switch support has been very methodical but steady all the while, having finished Resident Evil Rev 2 on the system as well, they didn't do botchy port jobs on the games from what I've seen.

EA has been oddly quite for it alright though, I wouldn't think their games would have scaling issues considering for years they were making Fifa all the way from PS4 back to the PS2 and PSP/Vita so they have a lot of experience in covering a range of hardware but still you're correct outside of Fifa and.... Unravel 2 (I think is theirs, not 100% sure myself) they've done nothing really, I guess their bigger projects like Anthem and the titanfall offshoot in Apex Legends aren't designed around lower powered machines at all given Anthem not being a 60fps title on the PS4/X1 it would have reallllll issues going to Switch without looking like mud I think.

You can get DMC trilogy on very other system for the same price or even cheaper. Switch get only DMC1 and cost the same as 3 games on other platforms