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HollyGamer said:
Pemalite said:
This actually makes allot of sense for Sony... Rather than invest Billions in building-out an expensive cloud service that will only be used by their gaming division... Leverage one of the big Three's (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) efforts instead who have done the hard work.

The cloud isn't getting any smaller... Plus this should relieve some pressures on their slower Playstation Network too.

We actually need another info on how Sony choose working with Microsoft instead of Amazon and other company. Hell even Google is not ot of the question either. All of the cloud company are great , it's still mind boggling how this partnership came and why Microsoft Azure? 

Likely price and capacity, plus just because Microsoft and Sony compete in one market, doesn't mean they can't work together in another.

Plus Microsoft has been working towards leveraging cloud in the console space, so they tend to have an experience-leg up over Google and Amazon in that aspect...

Microsoft might also have a ton of servers in geographical locations where Sony's customer bases are concentrated.

Need more information at either rate, which you are right about.

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