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The Fury said:

I didn't think it was a very good example as comparison. I'm sure it's very fun for those who are playing it but it's a game crowd funded with now more money that even SquEnix could dream of for a single game development which was originally intended to release in 2014 based on the original Kickstarter. It's created a planet and it's goal for gameplay of space exploration has been/will be met. My expectation for FF7R is not a space sim, not a world exploration game, they don't need clever mechanics to launch and land a shuttle (for 7 minutes) on to what looks like an empty planet and they don't need an open world of 2600 square miles just for me to walk from Midgar to Kalm. I just want to get to Kalm so I can do the flashback so I can then go and capture chocobos.

I didn't expect you to take the example literally, was hoping it would broaden your imagination with what they can possibly do. By the way the scale of Gaia is not one to one with real world, and if SE can recreate a more fleshed out Midgar with more content, then they can do that for the open world portion as well. But hey, you want to get to Kalm in 20sec, then the original game is for you, but I'm not even sure if we played the same game, did you not do any side quest? The game had you exploring the world..

Last edited by deskpro2k3 - on 16 May 2019